Partners Ralph & Lee are giving in to being golf maniacs so you don’t have to be.  The research and self-experimentation on golf improvement described herein represents only one facet of how they will make interest in this great game blossom at their flagship indoor golf center (and what they will look to grow into a neighborhood urban golf chainlet).  Because golfers get an itch to swing a golf club every 2-3 days without sufficient time for leaving the city, R & L are creating a center offering  first-rate-equipped hitting bays with top launch monitor and simulation technology (configuration TBA, contact for details or by their launch date announcement will be sent to those who submit email address, see contact page for contact details).  They want to pick up a golf club often enough to actually improve, and they suspect they are not the only ones! They are pissed off doing without such a space for even a month more than they have to, & they invite you to join them.  Get in touch if you want to see the plans or are interested in access or membership (they will offer both).

Ralph and Lee also consult for those looking to add a sports/tech/gym amenity to a commercial or residential building (golf, driving, cycling simulators with or w/o complementary workout facility), or if you are looking to purchase a golf simulator for a private residence. Please get in touch for a no-cost consultation.

Lee also will offer a guided tour of using the FocusBand for those curious to try FB and understand it’s benefits before committing to the purchase.  Please get in touch via email for rates and availability.


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LEE HETFIELD,  General Manager, NoHo Rec Room:  A lifelong golfer, Lee had a career in debt sales and trading, and as a money manager from 1994-2012.  In 2012, Lee started  NoHo Rec Room, a lifestyle fitness-focused business.  Over the past three years he has created 2 original fitness regimes, developing a popular, low-impact, high-intensity outdoor boot camp class, in NYC parks.  Lee became a fitness enthusiast later in life, discovering high-intensity training and the impact it had on his quality of life, & golf game in his early 40’s.


Recently retired (35 year career on Wall Street) L/S equity hedge funder and power-lifting fanatic RALPH KARTZMAN is responsible for “Golfer outreach” and bringing students into camps and indoor golf tournaments sponsored by NoHo Rec Room.  A passionate lifelong golfer who began “riding the pines” (caddying) at Baltusrol at age 13, Ralph built an early & lasting attachment to the game.  Ralph is also  a powerlifting and fitness advocate who wants to see technology elevate the golf experience for all players and potential newcomers to the game.

OPENED Feb 12, 2018:  Indoor golf center with Trackman 4 in all 8 bays and instruction from David Leadbetter certified professionals at Konnectgolf, 590 5th Ave.  Memberships $350-$500/year, plus bay rentals $75 per hour $ up. For membership information:  Please email membership at konnectgolf d0t com for a tour, offered by appointment only.

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