NoHo Rec Room on Playing Your Best Golf

Q:  Have you ever seen an accomplished amateur golfer who sometimes can put together 9 or 18 holes where he/she cannot seem to miss, even able to carry out complicated shaped-shots, make uncharacteristically long putts, maybe even go from a labored-looking swing to a smooth or fluid-looking swing- only to go back to their less-deadly competitive mode a day or a week later?  Or have you ever watched a PGA tournament where a player runs away with the competition against competitors he never bests week after week?  What makes him suddenly run away with it?

A:  He managed to get more deeply than his competitors into the “zone” or a mode where he is totally engrossed, experiences a sense of slowing down of key performance moments (often reported), can get his right brain to send the message to execute the shot instead of the left brain which is considerably slower and process-limited, or less able to command the body to make complex movement involving many of the smaller muscles vs the right brain.  Also, the left brain sends motor impulses through the prefrontal cortex.  The prefrontal cortex is where memories are created, but also where the mind imposes logic, doubt, and is a slowing bottleneck to executing a fluid swing.

This site contemplates the use of a Bluetooth/brainwave sensing device (FocusBand) that will help a golfer seeking to execute a golf shot in the optimal mental and physical state, measured with a score called “mushin” which is Japanese meaning “mind of no-mindedness”.  We will also discuss the notion of “Quiet Eye”, which is a state of moving one’s gaze less than 3 degrees for 1/10 of a second or more.  QE helps athletes in targeting tasks and is thought to facilitate being “in the zone”, which is thought to be the optimal physical and mental state for athletic performance where mental and physical systems are working in perfect synchronization.

FB screenshot

*Golfer Avatar showing “right brain” thought, with gaze and mind fixed for optimal performance while using FocusBand, as used by Jason Day

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