Once you have gotten the app on your iOS or Android device and paired your FB with the bluetooth on your device, you are ready to go.  Some guidelines for first-time users:

  • Breathe first and foremost.  Be sure you are seated with good, upright posture to facilitate very deep breathing.
  • Think initially only about the in & out of your breaths, e.g. are they deep enough?  If your seated posture is poor, the answer is no.
  • Wear your best glasses for reading:  You want max visual clarity when staring at the target.
  • Wear noise-cancelling, over-the-ear headphones if available to eliminate distractions for the duration of your ~20 mins session.
  • Have water close at-hand.  The deeper breathing will feel drying in a short period.
  • As you press the start button, scan yourself from head to toes:  Any facial tension?  Odd posture?  Lower back muscle tensing?  Why?  Think about breathing and being in the here and now rather than contemplating anything else, particularly past outcomes or judgements.
  • Stare at a target on the screen or off the screen, blinking as necessary but not excessively.
  • Concentrate only on the visual target on the screen and your breathing, in through the nose, out through the mouth. Imagine yourself on a favorite golf tee, relaxed and at address, hitting a ball which lands in the ideal landing spot.
  • Start with the baseline set at 25, don’t bother with the “find baseline” function for now.
  • The goal is to get to know what it feels like to get a quiet eye and what it takes to get the right brain to turn green on the avatar.  After you “get” those two things, push the baseline up to 30-35.  In my experience, letting the app find your baseline makes it too hard to achieve the QE and the green brain.
  • If you find yourself struggling for more than 5 mins in the beginning of a session to achieve a green brain or Q, you should lower the baseline setting.
  • After 15-20 mins you might start to notice that the two targeted states become harder to achieve and maintain.  Like a muscle, you definitely can deplete your ability to stay focused enough.  For this reason, I cut the session at 22-25 mins.
  • It takes me 4 to 5 minutes to get anywhere in most every session.  The brain takes a while to stop chattering and thinking about past and future outcomes.  Patience and giving yourself over for that initial period are crucial.

    Cabot Cliffs, Inverness, NS

    Cabot Cliffs, Inverness, NS

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